Monday, October 20, 2014

Hey...and YIKES!!

So, I learned something very important about visual storytelling process today that I wanted to pass along. I learned something that I should know well enough by now. Never lose sight of the story. 

I was checking out the stats on my blog and found a blog post that was talking about the potentially exploitative nature in imagery created with poor composition which can portray the opposite of what he creator intended. Then this image on my blog caught my eye. It was looking pretty creepy. This was not the intent of the image at all. 

What went wrong? I got caught up in one aspect of the image. I was too concentrated on the lighting concept to the point that I forgot about the story so the tone of the image was way off the mark.

In the image above, the guy is in silhouette and blocking the door and we can't see the lady's face. This brings the image into a dark place. 

The revised one below actually suggests, the original intent, something playful. We can see she's happily trying to distract her beau from his work. 

I don't often post process ideas, but this was a lesson well learned. 


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  1. Looks good! And, yes, I mean both. If you put the first one second, the distraction worked and he obviously hit the wrong light switch! ;)